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New & Improved Colour Blind Test

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The World’s #1 Online Colour Blind Test Just Got Better

EnChroma has taken colour blind testing to the next level. Unlike old and outdated Ishihara tests developed back in 1917, our new colour blind test uses the science of cone isolation to test the sensitivity of each of your eye’s three colour-sensing cones and scores them to show you how close or far you are from having normal colour vision. And, unlike any other colour blind tests on the internet, our new colour blind test can be taken while wearing EnChroma colour blind glasses so you can compare your before and after results to see the improvement in your colour vision deficiency.

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Note: Cones scores can vary +/- 13% when taking test multiple times.

To Get Your Baseline Results

- Turn up your brightness to 100%.
- Please note you will have 3 seconds to respond to each test plate
- Remove Eyewear With Coloured Lenses

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EnChroma Patented Lens Technology

EnChroma glasses for colour blindness are uniquely engineered to give those with colour blindness the ability to see more of the broad spectrum of bright colour most of us take for granted. Utilizing a patented light filter technique, our lens technology is applied with mathematical precision to address common forms of red-green colour blindness. Want to learn more about how EnChroma glasses work?

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